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WINCHESTER 572 Smokeless Gun Powder


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WINCHESTER 572 Smokeless Gun Powder is a ball powder strategically designed to optimize a myriad of shotshell and handgun loads. First, 572 has the correct burn rate to create the famous 3-¼-dram equivalent, 1-¼ oz, (1330 FPS) 12-gauge factory Winchester load with any brand case! Back Fence competitors and pheasant hunters will be delighted.

Winchester 572 also provides superb clay target or field loads in 20- and 28-gauge, and, outstanding field loads for the wonderful 16 gauge. In addition, 572 has a vast number of pistol applications, ranging from the 25 ACP to 45 ACP, and all popular calibers in between.

Available in 1 lb., 4 lb. and 8 lb. containers.

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1 LB, 4 LB, 8 LB


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